3 Reasons You Should Consider Professional Windshield Repair or Replacement

November 13, 2020

So you may be curious whether or not to replace or repair your car’s windshield. A piece of rock, ice or even debris has unfortunately roughed up your windshield. Many people may think it is quite an expensive service to consider when these issues arise. Now should you do it? Here are the top 3 reasons why you should consider repairing your windshield

  1. Chip Windshield is Not a Big Deal

This is false. Chip or cracks regardless of size may pose a bigger issue in the future. Although it may look small, it will definitely get worse overtime especially with our severe winters! Think of it as more than just a “cosmetic” issue at hand. With the amount of engineering that has gone behind developing a vehicle from the structural integrity to the physics of the overall build. In relation, a windshield is an integral factor in the performance of a vehicle. One of which being the reliability of vision when the crack becomes worse or even airbag deployment that was designed to work under certain circumstances. By impeding the structural integrity, this may put your safety and other drivers at risk. 

What you should do is seek professional help from installers to help diagnose your windshield needs. 

  1. Repair Kits

So you may ask “well if there’s a small chip or crack I’ll simply just fix it with a repair kit”. Yes, however this method may come with 2 problems. The quality of said kit, and the skill of the installer themselves. Don’t get me wrong, windshield repair kits can work but if you’re cheaping out on the kit, the majority of the time you will also have cheap results. Repair kits are not the end all be or not will it be a permanent fix. In some cases you may be creating more issues for yourself down the road. As it goes for many things, it does not always matter the equipment or material as a lot has to do with the installer themselves. Think about it, having the best camera in the market will not make you a better photographer however it can help with the results. Same goes with, the skill of the installer can make a big difference in results of finish. If the crack does worsen overtime, you may be spending more on a windshield replacement. So, don’t cheap out and seek professional advice from your local installer!

  1. Windshield Damage and Law

If the above does not seem to worry you, think about the law that protects drivers from impaired driving from cracked windshields. All in all it is an offense to be driving without a repaired or new windshield that is free of cracks or chips. The fines depend on the province as well which would simply have been avoided for replacing or repairing these issues. 

You may be spending a lot more money than you think if left unfixed. When it comes to safety, there is no price tag especially if it is needed. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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