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What Sets Us Apart for Auto Glass Repair in Mississauga?

High-Quality Windshield Repair Services

At Auto Glass Tec Mississauga, we offer exceptional mobile windshield repair solutions. Our extensively trained mobile technicians utilize industry-standard materials to prevent further damage and complete the repair within 30 minutes.

Affordable Auto Glass Repair

From chipped windshields to cracked auto glass in need of expert attention, our repair services in Mississauga are competitively priced and budget-friendly, all while ensuring quality assurance.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our team of proficient windshield repair technicians ensures punctual arrival according to your schedule. With our same-day service, you can avail of our mobile auto glass repair services anywhere in Mississauga on the very day you reach out to us.

Explore the Google reviews for Auto Glass Tec Mississauga to see what our customers are saying about our auto glass services in the area.

Nachiket Sant
Nachiket Sant
Michelle Hilson Sadieface
Michelle Hilson Sadieface
Friendly, helpful, very reasonable
Qays Al-wakeel
Qays Al-wakeel
Highly Recommended! They are so helpful in assuring the replacement and installation as expected. Thanks again.
Martin K
Martin K
Ray Jones
Ray Jones
Fantastic service from the second a real voice answered the phone, to the set up of the mobile appointment, to the wonderful attending techs, and then ending with excellent work done in less than a hour, and all for a most reasonable price! I actually thought it would cost a lot more for my totalled windshield! U can’t go wrong in contacting AUTO GLASS TEC! Ray Jones 👍
William Ubungen
William Ubungen
Highly Recommended! Leo and Mike are so helpful in assuring the replacement and installation as expected. Thanks again.
frank mcgurk
frank mcgurk
Great service to my door. Fast quality install. Price was great! They have all my future business!
christine Chu
christine Chu
Efficiency and good performance
Raad Al-Zahed
Raad Al-Zahed
Good crevice and friendly environment
pooja ashok
pooja ashok
We had a really great experience with Leo. He was helpful and helped us replace the windshield on our 2011 Honda Civic on short notice, in a couple of hours and for an amazing price. Thank you Leo !

Do Not Postpone Your Auto Glass Repair

Failing to address your windshield damage not only puts you and your passengers at risk but could also result in fines. As per the Highway Traffic Act, in certain Canadian provinces (including Ontario), driving with a cracked or chipped windshield can lead to fines ranging from $85 to $140.

Repairing a chip in your windshield promptly is crucial and shouldn’t be delayed. Ignoring it can lead to the problem worsening, potentially resulting in a larger crack. Moreover, delaying repairs could end up costing you more in the long run.

Don’t delay in repairing your chipped windshield; contact our windshield repair experts at Auto Glass Tec Mississauga today. Rest assured, your auto glass will be restored to its original appearance and functionality when you rely on Auto Glass Tec Mississauga.

Advantages of Choosing Our Auto Glass Repair Services in Mississauga

Efficient Time Management

At Auto Glass Tec Mississauga, we can accomplish any auto glass repair service in 30 minutes or less. You can conveniently drop off your damaged vehicle during your lunch break and be back on the road in under an hour!

Competitive Quotes

Our prices for windshield repair are some of the most competitive in Mississauga. Whether your windshield has a minor chip or a significant crack, we guarantee transparent and cost-effective quotes for your repair needs.

Environmentally Friendly

Repairing your auto glass eliminates the need to discard the entire piece, as is often necessary with windshield replacement. Addressing a windshield chip or crack promptly not only benefits the environment but also improves the structural strength of your auto glass.

Preventative Measures

Opting for proactive windshield repair safeguards your vehicle’s auto glass from escalating damage. Upholding the maintenance of your auto glass is essential for enhancing your vehicle’s stability and ensuring the safety of your passengers in potential accidents.

 Our Auto Glass Repair Solutions in Mississauga

Windshield Repair in Mississauga

As the premier provider of windshield repairs in Mississauga, we recognize the importance of addressing chips or cracks promptly to prevent further damage. Your vehicle is a valuable investment, and our services are tailored to minimize any downtime.

Whether the damage is caused by airborne rocks, debris, or vehicular accidents, we possess the skill and experience to handle any windshield repair efficiently.

Our team has built a strong reputation in Mississauga for delivering outstanding windshield repair services performed by our certified technicians. Whether it’s a minor chip or a more extensive crack, we have the tools and expertise to ensure exceptional results.

Types of Windshield Damage


Chip (pit)

The “chip” or “pit” is where a small piece of glass is missing from the windshield.


It’s an area of damage that is dark-color and usually circular shaped, like an impact of a hole.

Half moon:

Almost like a bulls-eye but it’s not completely circular.

Combination break

This is when multiple types of chips and crack occur radiating from the first chip.


Edge crack

This crack starts close to the edge (usually around 2 inches) or reaches the edge.

Floater crack

This happens anywhere in the middle or near the middle of the windshield.

Stress crack

This crack happens when there is a sudden change in temperature. For example, it can occur when hot water is poured onto a frozen windshield.

Crack chip

This crack usually can be covered by a quarter.

Long crack

A crack longer than 6 inches in length.

Stress crack

This is called due to the appearance of a crack looking like a star.

Managing Your Insurance Claims

If your insurance policy covers auto glass repair, you won’t face any out-of-pocket costs. We’ll handle the entire insurance claim process to ensure a hassle-free repair experience.

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Don’t delay in repairing your chipped windshield; contact our windshield repair experts at Auto Glass Tec Mississauga today. Rest assured, your auto glass will be restored to its original appearance and functionality when you rely on Auto Glass Tec Mississauga.


What variations exist between a windshield crack and a windshield chip?

A windshield chip refers to localized damage, whereas a crack is characterized by a line running through the glass. At Mississauga Auto Glass Tec, we offer exceptional services for repairing windshield cracks and chips in Mississauga.

When is the appropriate time to arrange for a repair for my chipped or cracked auto glass?

Once you notice a crack or chip in your windshield, side windows, mirrors, or sunroof, it’s essential to seek guidance from a trusted auto glass repair technician promptly. Postponing repairs can result in the damage spreading further.

Are you able to conduct the repair on the very same day?

Our service ensures prompt and high-quality auto glass repairs within 30 minutes, all conveniently performed at your preferred location.

How will my windshield appear following the chip repair?

Following the repair, your windshield should exhibit a smooth and flawless surface. Any irregularities may indicate an incorrect repair. Trust our skilled technicians to address any issues promptly.