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Windshield Repair Mississauga

There are times where repair of your windshield is the better option, depending on the size of the chip (usually less then a 2 dollar Coin). It is recommended that as soon as you notice a small crack/chip on your windshield, it’s best to get it repaired. By doing so, you would be preventing the crack from spreading and causing more damage forcing you to replace it.

Autoglass Repair Windshield Repair Mississauga

Types of Windshield Damage


There are several different types of chips:

  • Chip (pit):
    The "chip" or "pit" is where a small piece of glass is missing from the windshield.
    Autoglass Repair Chip

  • Bulls-eye:
    It's an area of damage that is dark-color and usually circular shaped, like an impact of a hole.
    Autoglass Repair Bulls-eye

  • Half moon:
    Almost like a bulls-eye but it's not completely circular.
    Autoglass Repair Bulls-eye

  • Combination break:
    This is when multiple types of chips and crack occur radiating from the first chip.
    Autoglass Repair Combo

If you have a chip, it's important to fix is immediately before anymore damage occurs, thus weakening your windshield. Don't allow a small chip turn into larger damage requiring a new windshield.


There are several different types of cracks:

  • Edge crack:
    This crack starts close to the edge (usually around 2 inches) or reaches the edge.
    Autoglass Repair Chip

  • Floater crack:
    This happens anywhere in the middle or near the middle of the windshield.
    Autoglass Repair Chip

  • Stress crack:
    This crack happens when there is a sudden change in temperature. For example, it can occur when hot water is poured onto a frozen windshield.
    Autoglass Repair Chip

  • Crack chip:
    This crack usually can be covered by a quarter.
    Autoglass Repair Chip

  • Long crack:
    A crack longer than 6 inches in length.
    Autoglass Repair Chip

  • Star break:
    This is called due to the appearance of a crack looking like a star.
    Autoglass Repair Chip

A cracked windshield can pose a threat to your cars safety and more importantly, your safety due to a weak windshield. It is recommended to change your cracked windshield immediately to avoid and windshield glass break.

Benefits Of Windshield Chip/Crack Repair Mississauga ​

  • Economical

    Auto glass repair is more economical when compared to windshield replacement

  • Efficient

    Auto glass repair is quick and your windshield chip/crack can be repaired in one day! Once you call our auto glass shop in Mississauga, you will have an appointment booked!

  • Effective

    this is the way to prevent the spreading of the windshield crack

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